Acme Distribution - Denver, Chicago, Harrisburg, Dallas

Storage Facility Specifications

*    Modern, well located  facilities with high storage utility and efficient handling lay-outs

*    State of the art handling equipment and rack storage

*    Integrated, robust and flexible WMS to support efficient operations and communications

*    Food grade sanitation compliance exceeding the needs of  even our most  demanding customers

*    Radio Frequency (RF) locator systems providing efficient handling and real-time inventory control 

*    Pick / pack equipment and layout + systems to support zero defect packing and shipping

*    Special packaging equipment for rework and kitting requirements

*    Compliant for storage and handling of hazardous materials

*    Full compliment of fire sprinkler systems and risk management provisions

*    Temperature and humidity controlled storage space in most locations

*    Rail service in almost every location (some indoor)

*    High efficiency lighting for performance enhancement and cost savings

*    Huge concentration of dock doors for fast turn-around of inbound and outbound traffic

*    Large dock space allocation for expedited cross dock and pool distribution services