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April 2010 Newsletter

April 2010 Newsletter

NOTE TO OUR READERS:  In order to bring you the most current news, Acme’s Newsletter will be now be published mid-month.  Thank you for your readership! 
ACME Rail Car Mover

In order to mitigate delays in unloading rail cars, Acme has invested in a new piece of equipment that allows us to safely move rail equipment.  This new purchase eliminates the need to wait for a switch crew to properly place rail cars and provides a faster receipt of products into the system.  In addition, we also use this to help with our snowplowing needs and no longer have to rent large equipment to handle heavy or deep snow!
Nothing is worse than opening up a long awaited check from a valued retailer, only to find it is a scant percentage of the initial invoice amount expected.  As you read through the detail, you see deductions for various compliance items such as improper labels, improper ASN, improper packaging or contents labels, bad pallets, late receipt and so on.  The list is long and the fines and penalties can become outrageous financial burdens for your business.  Acme works with over 400 clients that serve most every retailer we know.   Thousands of orders ship out of Acme each day, each with their own unique demand and retailer requirement.  Execution with that volume with all of the compliance demands is an arduous task…and we successfully perform each day without issue or charge-backs to our clients.  If you want to improve your supply chain performance in the compliance area, please give us a call or send us a note on our website at  We’ll enjoy helping you set up a robust program with sustainable results.  Your company will love you for making their time available for more productive tasks and eliminating the need to write-off money due to poor execution in your warehouse or transportation program.
According to the Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Index released on Friday, April 2, “the factory sector finished the first quarter on an upbeat note and momentum appears to be building. The composite index moved up to 59.6 in March from 56.5 in February, which puts it at its highest level since 2004 and also close to highs recorded in previous cycles during the past 30 years.”

Moody’s reports the following: “Broad-based job gains in March add an exclamation point to a recent string of positive data. The first quarter appears to have been better than anticipated, with real GDP likely rising closer to 3% at an annual rate, above our forecast of 2.5%. Consumer spending has beaten expectations in the past few months, suggesting growth may be sustained even as government support is withdrawn. It is still early in the game, however, and we don’t think the March employment report alters the Fed's time line for raising interest rates. The central bank will continue to lean toward doing too much rather than too little to nurture the recovery, holding rates unchanged until early 2011.”

According to the April 9th issue of the Federal Register, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced it will replace its Motor Carrier Safety Status Measurement System (Safestat) with an improved Carrier Safety Measurement System (CSMS) on November 30, 2010.  By implementing the new CSMS algorithm, FMCSA will be better able to identify high-risk motor carriers, make more efficient and effective the Agency’s and its State partners’ allocation of compliance and enforcement resources, and provide the motor carrier industry with more comprehensive, informative, and regularly updated safety performance data.  From April 12 to November 30, 2010, FMCSA will provide individual motor carriers with a preview of their performance data at  This preview in advance of full implementation on November 30, 2010, will improve safety by effecting early compliance and providing opportunities for motor carriers to become better educated on the new CSMS.

FMCSA had originally planned to roll out CSA 2010 beginning in the Summer of 2010.  However, due to the Agency’s having received valuable feedback from its partners and stakeholders through CSA 2010 listening sessions and written comments, FMCSA will postpone implementation for most states until Fall, 2010.  The Agency gained valuable knowledge from its operational model test, which began in early 2008 and will conclude in June, 2010.  The nine states involved in this model—Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, and New Jersey—will carry out the full array of CSA 2010 interventions immediately following the conclusion of the test in June.  The remaining 41 states will follow suit at the end of November.

In contrast to the Agency’s current operational model, CSA 2010 is characterized by three principal components:  (1) A more comprehensive carrier measurement system; (2) A broader array of interventions to augment comprehensive on-site investigation (compliance reviews), including warning letters, off-site investigations, and more focused on-site investigations; and (3) A new safety fitness determination (SFD) methodology, based more on performance data and not necessarily tied to an on-site investigation.  The third component, pursuant to which FMCSA will formally propose and assign adverse SFD’s—for example, unfit determinations and resulting prohibitions on operations—is the subject of a proposed Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that will be published for comment at a later date during 2010.

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